Testing The Market

Before you even suggest it, everyone has already read


masterpiece, so we all know the trick. Just sell it, and if you can, then make it. Its foolproof! Bye bye 93%! Im rich!

But why dont I feel any better? Well because I have not figured anything out. Since everyone knows that one, I would need a special kind of stupid customer base to purchase the latest tech vaporware in quantity. I would require a large scale, special kind of stupid whose bags are packed and on the road to move into that oceanfront arizona manor overlooking the golden gate. Oh, but these clients already spent their money on that can't lose opportunity to purchase the rights to the Eiffel Tower...a Nigerian has their capital now.

To get a reasonable appraisal of what the actual market is like for your idea, you will have to be able to show a prototype and have some reasonable answers about manufacturing and how quickly you can get units to your customers. And once you can exemplify these things to the satisfaction of a hard nosed Shark Tank full of Trumps, then yes if nobody is interested I would personally elect to save those manufacturing and materials costs. But you are still out for the prototype materials. And you are out the time it took to vet that concept (the real cost, as there are cheap ways to build pretty much everything now, even custom silicon).

So we are right back where we started. 93% Doom. Means this probably will not work. Unless we find a better answer for our futures, I would say don't quit your day job.