Startup Success

3E8Tech is all about the success of the entrepreneurs that work together to form the organization. Individually, the majority are doomed to business failure, but it appears that there may be a much more clever approach. You see, working with 3E8Tech can swing the odds of your personal success from ‘probably not’ to ‘probable success story’. And as crazy as this sounds, all you have to do is believe.

Well, believe enough to take the plunge alongside a sufficient host of other brilliant engineers & scientists & entrepreneurs–alongside other technologists. Given the proper effort to selecting appropriate talent, proper enthusiasm, and holding out for business ideas that make real sense in 2017 Technology Economy, it is possible to leverage the strength of teamwork to all but ensure the success of everybody as a team.

And while this may seem far-fetched, like some sort of snake oil or cult, it is not at all that. It is simple fact that no reasonable analytic mind would contest that such a teamwork notion has the theoretical effect of changing success probability to the favor of the individual entrepreneur. To be fair, along with the risk of catastrophic bankruptcy and financial death, the chance of overnight billionaire status also goes away. The growth will be much more steady and gradual, very much like a well-distributed stock portfolio or mutual fund. Now the success of the fund (3e8Tech) no longer hangs in the balance over the failure of a single stock (or startup company). In fact, for 3E8Tech’s case, most of the internalized startups are expected to fail. But the innovation marches forward constantly with those technical resources reinvested and reapplied toward new ideas when it becomes clear that change is needed.

And it should be noted here that a host of additional advantages emerges from this group style of entrepreneurship. We will explore these notions as we explore the feasibility of 3E8Tech, hopefully in practice, and right away. If this sounds interesting to you, please click to create an account on the right side of the page and join the discussions. The company will divide profit percentages based on seniority and level of contribution, so those who lead the charge will make the most, which incentivises brave souls to put their heart into something when it seems most uncertain. But it always makes sense to get involved because there will always be the next generation of new entrepreneurs larger than the last.

If this model seems strangely familiar, it is. It is quite similar to the business models employed in most of the successful Technology behemoths out there today. Google, National Instruments, HP, IBM, etc. all operate on similar terms. What is striking about this opportunity is that it is STARTING right now. So this is your opportunity to be at the top of something that can get huge, provided you have the drive, ambition, intelligence, charisma and stamina to help us push it carefully forward to that point.

Sadly, I would have to categorize this as a get likely very wealthy gradually and carefully through a lot of hard work scheme. So it seems we won’t make the get-rich-quick schemes list. Sorry to disappoint.