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    James J

    This idea is a motorcycle, well a motorcycle of sorts. It should be quite interesting. I imagine that I can make one of these within a month or two. Its a quick way to get to market with something.

    Items I need help with:
    1. Welding a frame.
    2. Creation of shaped plasitcs/fiberglass.
    3. Painting of fiberglass.

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    That’s pretty cool, this guy at work has a two wheeled version of the segway its a lot of fun and goes faster than you might think.
    Do you already have a segway to convert or are you going to make it from scratch? A couple of months seems very optimistic! I’d be game to help.

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    James J

    I like your enthusiasm. And I’ll take you up on that offer, and I’ll even throw in a percentage of profitability to go straight into your pocketbook.

    And I’ll even do one better for you. I’ll throw in a percentage of future profitability of all businesses the 3e8tech manages to capture if you will help me figure out how to set up contracts for projects like this. The idea is that we would be the founding fathers of something great that assists makers financially in developing ideas that members of 3e8 see as potentially profitable (per an email voting system that we get to set up to our liking).

    As for the bike, I have dollars for a bidirectional motor/generator, battery, and control electronics including charger, throttle, and microcontroller control board. I even have dollars for the software package that would allow me to program said microcontroller via LabVIEW, my development language of choice.

    Here is a video that shows some LabVIEW code I have operating in a segway type device. Check it out.

    Also, I think we should maybe consider starting a weekly meeting to track progress and get things kicked off. And while a month or two may be a bit aggressive, I think it is possible, given that I would be willing to sell the prototype at a profit provided it yielded coverage of parts expense plus significant profit so we could build a second, then third, then who knows we might have a profitable business running.

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    Ha look at that little robot! It does look like its working well if a bit slow? haha Why don’t we meet up some time, and we can discuss all these things. There’s a place down 75 called, they have classrooms we can use. I’m usually free Sunday afternoons, would that work for you? Oh yea bring the robot 🙂

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    James J

    The program, I would love to take credit for, is a demonstration and I still have the code. It is graphical code, which IMO makes for better visualization. But it is implemented as two parallel loops, one for balancing, one for input from control for going forward, reverse, and steering. Its surprisingly simple, elegant, even beautiful.

    The robot, which takes about an hour to build, is built with Lego/National Instruments EV3 robot kit. These kits are pricey, but I have one, and therefore have all the pieces required to build it once again. It would take about an hour to build. I may do so just to reinforce the simplicity of this code in everyone’s heads.

    I would like to meet this upcoming Sunday, and my schedule is clear. So you name your meeting time, and I’ll be there, robot kit in tow. I will also put up a message to all at DMS about the meeting in case we got some extra enthusiasts interested and willing to help. Teamwork is key IMO. Let me know how you feel.

    Personal areas of strength:
    electronics fabrication

    Personal areas I need most help with:
    mechanical design & prototyping
    applications software
    microprocessor development kits (my expertise is general, specific info for certain processors have experts far more knowledgeable about that microprocessor and kit than myself)
    orgaizational structure
    motors/generators (power electronics)

    Here is my contact data should you wish to discuss anything offline:
    214-784-8683, [email protected].

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    James J

    Here is an event that @c-rem set up to discuss this project in particular. I plan to sign up for the event, and bring the seg-way robot for a good measure.

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    James J
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    hmm,this one was funny too

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    Are those going sideways?

    And I wonder if the ones on ebay are ninebots with seats bolted to the top?

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    James J

    Those are definitely going sideways…lol…

    But you see, here is the problem the way that I see things: The Chinese are already all over this one. There will be no room for American profit unless Trump imposes an America First tax, which may very well happen.

    However, until then, I see no reason to spend a lot of cycles (ha!) on this project.

    I did have one heck of a cool revelation about the flying thing (3e8 Teleport). Its cool, I mean really, really cool.

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