Probability Density Function

How to Improve Odds of Success

We will start with the probability density function and integrate across...

J/K. Instead lets keep things simple.

So lets consider a coin flipping:

Odds of getting a heads upon coin flip: 50%
Odds of single startup success: 7%

Odds of getting at least a single heads in two flips:
50% (first flip) + 50% of 50% (.5)^2 = 50+25=75%

Odds of getting a successful startup in two successive attempts (also roughly applies to two attempts conducted simultaneously):
7% (one attempt) + 7% (other attempt) = 14% of one or more successful startups

Generally speaking, a startup success in the technology space usually spells tremendous financial upside given the volumes possible. And while you can probably guess that there is no way to achieve 100% success probability, with enough simultaneous attempts, the prospect for future success becomes quite rosy indeed.

And I would like to reiterate here that the following factors also add to the optimistic outlook for this strategy: teamwork, groupthink, skill specialization, availability of specialized resource, ability to focus individuals on time critical task, the ability of a group to lift the spirits of a weakened individual, all members get additional dollars for each success, no penalties, and many other wonderful benefits.

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One heck of a lot easier than integrating that probability density function, huh?