Business Model

The 3E8 business model takes pride in being lean, opting for forward thinking, ultra tech savvy talent, inspired to create by their own monition. Teamwork is the underlying premise that makes this model successful, with the recognition that an individual has a low probability of startup success. However, numerous individuals each championing a startup project will most likely enjoy a percentage of projects that become successful, while talent utilized on projects that were less fortunate can be reinvested and applied to new projects with a renewed probability of project success.

A second advantage of the 3E8 approach, is that the individual talent applied to each project will have strengths, and lets face it, weaknesses as well.  To make their project successful, the champion can elect to be honest with themselves about areas that they need help with, and find an internal pal to assist them.  Since all project owners will benefit from the success of any project, it behooves their interest to help.  Quantity of profit sharing and compensation is based upon total company performance, individualized effort, seniority, and is augmented for owners of successful projects.

An additional advantage to the 3E8 business model is that project owners are not spread as thin as single owner entreprenuers are.  Starting a business has so very many aspects involved, that it is a near impossibility to master enough of them simultaneously to do a good enough job to have success.  From selling to web development to social media marketing to product engineering and so forth, project owners would simply be overwhelmed without some assistance.  With the 3E8 model, they get that very assistance, and are able to focus primarily upon their project and its success.


3E8 owners collectively own and control the business, and each owner champions their cause within the business.  Its very much like a collection of mini-companies.  It is this group of owners who make the decision about what other business owners and their ideas they would like to add to the crew.  3E8 is looking for exceptional talent, and considering the youth of the organization, the time is now for those wishing to enjoy a lofty positioning internally looking forward.

The business model makes the underpinning plan a likely success, while the model also attracts and properly motivates the very best sorts of talents.  So for those struggling with the unlikely probability of business ownership success, a move to get help by partnering with 3E8 makes your success the most likely eventuality.