93% Success Rate?

93% of startups successfully navigate the process of going out of business within three years. Thus is the most likely eventuality of any individual brilliant venture you plan to embark upon, wisely, of course. But not prior to you coupling yourself to the attempt financially first. Because no prudent banker wishes to stick their neck out alone. If you cost them a loss of assets, they want to be sure you suffer for it so its something that you will fight for. And so very many Americans have put up that fight against those formidable odds, and exactly what should happen did. And everyone knew this was probably where it was all headed. So it is no wonder it is so difficult to get that loan, or venture capital, or why one has to work so very hard to get any sort of funding. The funding it probably going to just get spent to run your life into the ground. This is a brutal reality. Personally, I don’t like the taste of it much. lol..

So what is the answer? Well, we could say choose wisely, but since everyone does that, our failure rate reduces to 93%! Amazing! No change!