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Engineering Advancement Approaching the Speed of Light (3X10^8 m/s)

-Cultivating affinity for the cutting edge, 3E8Tech brings independent entrepreneurs together to benefit from groupthing, sharing the collective wealth of robust advancement, while creating impetus to use each individual's strengths to the advantage of team.

3E8 Tech is a technology start-up focusing on the needs of individual entrepreneurs as they take their business idea from conception to implementation and onward toward immortality.  While many of the project ideas center about electrical and computer engineering services and product creation, the key is business formation to suit engineering advancement focus.  Computerized instrumentation, automation, development, and implementation of software algorithms are at the center of  3E8Tech implementation philosophy, from which an infinite variety of scientifically improved focus areas yields a boundless selection of opportunities benefiting mankind's way of life. While many such market segments are targeted for development, some of the more interesting include robotics, automobiles and transportation, defense, industrial automation, computing systems, and corporate and consumer electronics.

3E8 will push the envelope of the bleeding edge, and create new possibilities for mankind to enjoy.  Be sure to like 3E8 Tech, follow, and most importantly, create a profile and blog about your business idea(s).  Become active on the blog, share your ideas and inspiration.  And feedback on the other ideas up for discussion.   Your input is valued greatly here and will embellish the set of independently operating businesses that via working together form 3e8.  If you are an inspired engineer or maker who has an idea or strong special skill, please don't hesitate to fill us in on what help you can offer.  

3e8 is an entrepreneurial response to the maker movement.  While many maker communities are non-profit, 3e8 is for profit and welcomes makers as exactly the sort of mindset we believe should be at the controls of a profitable enterprise.